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The outcome of my interviews for a PFE position

Drama ensues... For more than a week I have been stressing, sleeping bad and being generally grumpy at the lack of feedback... Hell, even my girlfriend got news that she was accepted for a job in Belfast (Tourism Ireland!) before I got news from Microsoft. I did finally get some feedback but in all honesty it was not what I wanted to hear :).

While you interviewed very well and your technical skills were strong we have unfortunately selected another candidate for the position. It was a close call for the interviewers but the other candidate was a little stronger on some of the competencies.

Really? I would have prefered hearing I was not good enough so atleast I knew what I would have to work on! Well, turns out the other canidate they hired already lives in Belfast and has an established "network". This news kicked my down to the curve hard as I have already cancelled my appartment, handed in my resignation from my current contract and leaves me with next to nothing... The better half in the relationship went ballistic (small nuclear reactor explosion) as she signed the contract a day before I got this news.

I'm lucky that my contracts pay late so I have +/- 2 months of salary I can still draw from the company before I torpedo it and I can go find a job in Belfast. We're leaving by the end of this month... On one salary...

So will I find a job in my field or will I have to resort to flipping burgers?

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