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August 2011 Entries

Building a home virtualization lab/test/learning/what's not environment - Part one.
Oh No! Not another geek who is going to tell us how to build a virtualized lab environment! We already know all there is to know about this crap! Hah! Yes this is another geek doing this build, but rest assured, it’s not you, it’s me! This is my view and take on this subject, where this blog will function as a “diary” to log my time, remarks and build guide on how I built it. Besides, I’ve built similar environments hundreds of times so I want to add a bit of a twist J. Seeing as my move abroad is ......

Posted On Friday, August 19, 2011 1:38 PM | Comments (1) | Filed Under [ General Platforms ]

Troubleshooting exchange web services
Since exchange versions from 2007 and up put more emphasis on the webservices for use in the distribution of the offline address book, out of office, the scheduling assistant and autodiscover (a.k.a outlook connectivity to exchange) the correct configuration of the virtual directories and IIS components is the main key to a healthy exchange environment. It is for this reason that I have compiled a quick reference as to how these components should be configured in order to function properly and so ......

Posted On Friday, August 19, 2011 10:52 AM | Comments (4) | Filed Under [ Exchange ]

The outcome of my interviews for a PFE position
Drama ensues... For more than a week I have been stressing, sleeping bad and being generally grumpy at the lack of feedback... Hell, even my girlfriend got news that she was accepted for a job in Belfast (Tourism Ireland!) before I got news from Microsoft. I did finally get some feedback but in all honesty it was not what I wanted to hear :). While you interviewed very well and your technical skills were strong we have unfortunately selected another candidate for the position. It was a close call ......

Posted On Wednesday, August 17, 2011 9:35 AM | Comments (0) | Filed Under [ General ]

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