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December 2014 Entries

After a longer period of blogging abstinence I had again to search the right plugin for Windows Live Writer (WLW) to get a pretty printed source code. I remembered ones in the past which made me really happy. That one I couldn’t find anymore. So I write this article to have a guideline in the future and maybe to collect some advices from you reader, helping me to find that one I initially searched for... btw: I really appreciate, if somebody could advice me a good blogging software for Mac. Currently ......

Introduction Motivation How about a secure access from outside into the own home network? So we can maintain machines, change configurations, getting files, .. from where ever we are. For this we let a VPN tunnel be established between a local RPi in our network to a hosted server. If this hosted server that offers a web based console we only need a web browser to access our own resources at home. The idea of the project comes from my colleague Michael and I like to thank him for the first inputs ......