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August 2012 Entries

Challenge In the past I added some RSS feeds to outlook. For one of these feeds now I would like to know the original URL. But this is not very intuitive to eliminate. Problem Via (intuitive) right mouse click you could open a properties dialog of a feed. But there is no hint for the URL! Solution You could find the information in the RSS Feed Options dialog Open Account Settings Double click the feed and voila - here is the URL ......

Challenge We documented a project on Github with the Wiki there. For most articles we used Creole as markup language. Now we have to deliver a lot of the content to our client in an usual format like PDF or DOCX. So we need a automatism to extract all relevant content, merge it together and convert the stuff to a new format. Problem One of the most popular toolsets to convert between several formats is Pandoc. But unfortunally Pandoc does not support Creole (see the converting matrix). Approach So ......