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I pulled into my driveway after work yesterday and my son immediately starts asking if we could go feed the ducks near one of the ponds in the neighborhood. I had told him yesterday that we could do it and so we grabbed some bread and his wagon and walked down there. My wife and daughter followed (at first, then raced ahead of us) on their bikes.

The pond we picked was along one of two main roads in our neighborhood. Even though the speed limit is 25 and there's a pool and playground near the pond there are still a fair number of cars that really whiz down that road. We have sidewalks and the pond is set off a good distance from the road so we thought we'd be fine as we started to break apart bread and throw it to the hordes of ducks that descended upon our little family.

We had been feeding the ducks for about 10 minutes when we heard a loud "BUMP!". I turned to the road and saw a small white car with a cloud of feathers flying around it. The car's brake lights lit up briefly and then the car continued on its way. I then noticed the small feathered mass in the center of a LOT of feathers in the road...some still swirling around in the breeze created by the car that had just caused this accident. My daughter screamed and started crying saying that the car had just killed that duck. We were easily 150 feet away from it so I couldn't tell if the duck was alive or dead from where I was but I offered to go check for her to see if it was OK. Thankfully my son was too involved in feeding the ducks to have noticed the whole incident.

As I walked closer to the duck I thought it was dead at first. Just a big mess of feathers around this mostly black mass in the road...then as I was about 15 feet away it raised it's head and looked at me. "At least it's alive" I thought, though I then wondered how badly it might be injured. I saw another car coming down the road so I stepped slowly into the road to motion for the driver to move around the duck and as I got closer it started to try to move but looked like it couldn't get up. I told my daughter the duck was still alive but might be hurt pretty bad so she could come see (there wasn't any blood around or visible external injuries) the duck. I tried to get it to move out of the road so that it wouldn't get plowed into again just laying there but it just looked around and wiggled a bit, never trying to move even when I tried to entice it with some bread.

A lot of cars passed by, oddly enough none willing to help or even find out what was going on until one guy in a truck stopped to ask if we needed help. Right about then one of my neighbors who's a police officer came by on his way home. I had explained what happened and how I was trying to get the duck to move and he was getting ready to call animal control when all of a sudden the duck stood up and slowly waddled off the road and back towards the pond. My daughter was real excited to see it move like that and I followed the duck over to the sidewalk where my daughter was. The duck stopped on the grass just off the sidewalk and sat down again. My daughter was still trying to get it to eat and by this time my son had run out of bread so he and my wife walked down to where we were...his 3 year old attention span quickly turned from the ducks to the police car that my neighbor was driving.

My neighbor and I ended up talking for a few more minutes and the duck ended up walking down the small hill toward the water and sat down again. It seemed the duck was fine, though understandably dazed. My wife and daughter raced off on their bikes as my daughter had wanted to tell one of her friends about this "adventure" and my son hopped back in his wagon so I could take him home.

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