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Lou Vega a thump to the brain October 2008 Entries
MSDN Southern Fried Roadshow - December 2008 Edition coming to Charleston!
The MSDN Southern Fried Roadshow is coming to Charleston on December 2, 2008 at the Embassy Suites Hotel (near the Airport)! The MSDN Southern Fried Roadshow is a free developer event with a southern flair, where you will learn about some of the latest developments in Microsoft technologies. For December, 2008 the Roadshow will be presented by Architect Evangelist Chad Brooks and Developer Evangelists Glen Gordon and Brian Hitney. Chad, Glen & Brian will be loading up a minivan with lots of goodies, ......

Posted On Thursday, October 30, 2008 7:52 PM

Going to PDC? Get a free license for CodeIt.Right!
Seeing all the chatter on blogs and twitter, it seems nearly everyone is headed out to PDC...well if you are, here's a chance to score a free license for an awesome piece of software. If you haven't heard of or used CodeIt.Right you're really missing out. SubMain's trademark line says it best: Static Code Analysis + Automatic Refactoring = Painless Coding Guidelines™ So how do you score your license? Simple, attend PDC and meet up with Serge Baranovsky and simply tell him about your favorite feature ......

Posted On Thursday, October 23, 2008 4:55 PM

Help another geek

After the tremendous outpouring of support I received when I announced on this blog a need for help during a time of need for my family, I wanted to help spread the word about another fellow developer/geek who's in need right now. Read all about it here:

Posted On Thursday, October 23, 2008 4:47 PM

GCNUG October Meeting - Tomorrow
October Meeting - 23 October 2008 6PM New Features in C# 3.0, PIZZA, AND FREE STUFF WHAT MORE COULD YOU ASK FOR?!? This month's meeting will start off with Pizza and then break into a presentation covering what's new in C# 3.0 by Chris Eargle. In C# 2.0, we received many features already present in other object oriented programming languages. C# 3.0 took a radical departure, presenting us with more a revolution rather than an evolution. Many of the language features have not been seen in an object ......

Posted On Wednesday, October 22, 2008 6:14 AM

Minor "Gotcha!" TFS 2008 Workgroup Edition
After getting used to the full blown version of TFS (first 2005, and then 2008) I ended up doing an install of TFS Workgroup Edition to play around with to see if it would work for some smaller home projects. After setting everything up, imagine my surprise when I went to access it using a named account rather that the "TFS Setup" account. I received an error: TFS 3011: domain\user is not a licensed user Doh! A quick check of the global group membership settings and I discovered a "licensed users" ......

Posted On Monday, October 20, 2008 6:42 AM

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