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Lou Vega a thump to the brain September 2006 Entries
Hello XNA World!

So after a week-long delay (too many things came up at work and home to play), I've finally installed everything needed for XNA on a spare laptop. Ran into a minor glitch trying to run the Spacewar! demo that's included, and found an MSDN Forum entry which squared me away :)

So now I'm off to play!


Posted On Saturday, September 30, 2006 6:24 PM

Stumbling block – XNA: VPC doesn’t support Direct3D
Well after spending a bit of time installing and configuring my virtual PC to run XNA, I run into a glitch where the VPC doesn’t support Direct3D. My first clue was when I went to run the SpaceWar project that’s included, I got the following exception: "Could not find a Direct3D device compatible with the current device preferences." I thought to myself, “Self – that’s odd because your graphics card does have Direct3D, dxdiag says so (and passed all tests as well!). ......

Posted On Saturday, September 23, 2006 4:48 AM

Starting with XNA
OK - so I've spent the last couple hours downloading XNA Game Studio Express, Visual C# Express, and a boatload of other stuff from Microsoft so I can take the plunge and start learning game development with XNA. Basically after talking with the guys at PodcastStudio.NET during Code Camp last weekend about old school games, and game development in general I got more interested in XNA.The thing that really drove me was a tiny little comment in the FAQ which stated: Q: Does the XNA Framework support ......

Posted On Tuesday, September 19, 2006 7:02 PM

Code Camp 2.0
Code Camp 2.0 is over - quick shout outs to all who made it out there and all who made it happen (you all know who you are!) I ended up doing a 2 hour “Theo & Lou Show” presentation on .NET Compact Framework Game Development with Theo which was a lot of fun. Chris and his family were kind enough to let me crash at their place even though I rolled into Greenville about 1AM ;) ......

Posted On Monday, September 18, 2006 6:50 PM

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