New Version of XAF DSL Tool Available

It’s been a busy time around here but I finally found time to update the code base for this tool.

Thanks for the great feedback and comments about the tool.  Please keep the suggestions coming and I will try to work on as much as I can when I have time. 

I recently started teaching again and just completed my Microsoft Certified Trainer program as well as attained the Microsoft Certified Professional Developer in Windows .NET 3.5 Applications.

But in the not so busy time here is the list of issues that we have corrected:

  1. Self referencing classes now produce correct code
  2. Ability to add custom attributes. Use the the CustomAttributes field.
  3. Ability to add custom rule messages
  4. Target and source properties can now be named rather than the default object name
  5. Default property of class is now definable
  6. Aggregated attribute has been included
  7. Creatable and Navigational properties are defaulting correctly
  8. Base class is no longer blank

As always, it’s available on codeplex at


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# re: New Version of XAF DSL Tool Available

left by jay at 5/7/2010 8:40 AM Gravatar
I'm glad that you've already fixed the problems. I always experience problems like I can't define the default property of class, but since you've fixed it, I don't experience this anymore. Thanks a lot!!
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