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1) OK, so Coders4Charities went well. The .NET User Group Meeting went well. Now it’s time to take a (small) break. teletype

2) Most who know me probably already know, but I’ve been assigned as regional mentor for INETA membership for Missouri and Kansas. That will be consuming some of my time to get my head around who my UG leaders are and what they need from me, as well as helping fledgling UGs get started.

3) I won Fourth Place in Community Credit for the month of April! I get a sweet pin clock.

4) I will be speaking at the Twin Cities Developer's Guild on May 12th (Yikes next Tuesday) about BDD and I will be helping deliver some Mix 09 content at the Jefferson City .Net User Group on June 9th.

5) Today was my dog, Frieda’s 5th birthday, so we went to the park, got her a hamburger and Stacey made her a carrot cake. I know, we spoil her, don’t look at me like that.

6) I started my foray into Ruby programming tonight. I am mostly interested, because I am a freak for anything BDD, and RSpec is the gold standard to me of Context-Specification style BDD. Haven’t dived into Cucumber yet, but that’s coming soon. I am really liking the syntax of Ruby. It is easy to learn the basics and I am already creating classes and small programs. Now I just need a small project to sink my teeth into and drive the design out with behaviors using RSpec.

That’s about all for now. More information to come an all the new happenings. Stay tuned, dear readers!


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Speaking of BDD, there is MSpec and DevelopWithPassion.BDD. Those are also quite interesting frameworks.
Left by Robz on May 07, 2009 10:03 PM

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I am looking forward to your bdd talk at the twin cities developers guild. I just want to ask some of my questions ahead of time to give you time to think.

Does BDD still has the steps of red, green, refactor?
Durring the red phase we are writing a failing test. What types of tests are there, I heard somewhere that there are two types of tests, either a query or command. I would LOVE to know the different types of tests, it might make it easier to come up with the next test.

then durring the green phase we write code to make the test pass ( or turn green). Here also I would like to know the types of code. I assume you either call a void or a method that returns some type of Type?

The refactor phase is pretty well documented, either renaming class names or method names. Refactoring towards open/closed. Refactoring to patterns. etc. Either using the refactor tools in your IDE or a multistep process using those basic refactorings.

This I get. Other then that I am having a little trouble with understanding the bridge pattern.
Left by JohnV on May 10, 2009 9:34 AM

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