2012 Year in Review and Goals for 2013

It’s been quite a while since I’ve written a blog entry. I seem to start every year with a goal of writing X number of blog entries per month or week or something, so let’s see if I do any better this year, with my goal being at least one lengthy post a month.  Hopefully this post will get the ball rolling.

2012 Year in Review

This past year, I’ve worked with one client who needed help migrating their WSS 3.0 farm to SharePoint 2010.  I started at the client around Thanksgiving 2011 and I quickly discovered their plan for a quick six week project wouldn’t work. Their SharePoint 2010 farm wasn’t configured correctly as it was really just a proof of concept quick install (only one service account, inadequate server resources, etc.).

Once we got a few servers together, we created a test farm and a production farm and I started doing test migrations.  After some false starts, we finally got everything migrated by July. (Yes, a six month project became six months.)

For the last half of the year, I joined a new team at the client who had taken over responsibility for SharePoint and we’ve been working to upgrade and migrate all of the sites again.  This time, we’re reorganizing the information architecture, installing custom branding, and moving to a much bigger farm.  We’re hoping to have all of this work wrapped up by the end of March.

Another big piece of my work life last year was getting to attend the SharePoint Conference in November. I’ve been to a few conferences before (Connections, Business Process and Workflow, and of course SharePoint Saturdays), but this was my first SharePoint Conference.  It was a good year to go especially with 2013 being launched.

When it came to speaking engagements, I only had a few internal ones.  I also taught a SharePoint class for our business analysts, as we try to train our BAs to fill SharePoint Analyst roles.

2013 Goals

2013 is starting off with a bang with SharePoint Saturday Charlotte, which I’ll be speaking at (a week from today) on the 26th. Usually, I have goals related to public speaking, so the fact that I’m getting one done in January is a good sign.  I’m going to try to attend at least one other SPS, maybe Atlanta, Richmond, or an Ohio one if the travel timing works out.  I thought the SPS DC was pretty cool in 2011, so maybe make a family trip out of that one again.

I’m also wrapping up the migration project at my client in the next few months, which will be a big accomplishment. We have further projects to do, which will be a nice change of pace from migrations.

At some point this year, I want to start digging into SharePoint 2013, with an eye toward passing the certification exams for it.  My client has no interest in moving to 2013 this year, and probably not even next year, but I still want to try to keep pace with the SharePoint community.

Well, those are my modest goals for the year.

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