January 2005 Entries

Kung Fu Hustle

This movie looks hilarious!

Plaxo -- very cool

Has anyone seen this (Plaxo)? I downloaded and installed it. Very cool. This could solve a lot of problems for people I know.

Columbus Day of .NET

I went to this Day of .NET last week. It was pretty good. Drew posted some info and photos here.

I thought all of the presenters were good. I especially liked seeing the examples of Test Driven Development. Hats off to the guys who filled in for a couple of presenters that missed it because of the weather.

What OS are you?

I've seen this on several blogs, so I thought I'd do it.

You are OS X. You tend to be fashionable and clever despite being a bit transparent.  Now that you've reached some stability you're expecting greater popularity.
Which OS are You?

I am a Mac fan, but I'm also a .NET developer and Windows IT Pro.

Sun Solaris: A powerhouse monument to human achievement?

I saw this and it is too funny. What are those marketing people thinking? Not to take anything away from Solaris, but come on.

I want a Mac mini...

Yes, I want a Mac mini. (Mac Mini Specs

Why? iTunes, iPhoto, iMovie, iDVD. Currently, I have an older Mac and love the iApps, but they run a little slow on it.

I wonder, what would it take to turn the Mini into a DVR?