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Fringe SharePoint Continued

This pas week, the company I work for re-launched our external facing Internet site, complete powered by SharePoint 2010! Check it out at

 I get two concerns when clients look at doing something like this, either internally or externally:

  1. You can't really get a great looking site with SharePoint.
  2. We can't justify a great looking site.

Well if you facing the same issues consider the great looking site that was put together by some very talented guys. If you think it can't be done well, here is one example. Now, SharePoint doesn't look like this out of the box, but consider the capabilities of SharePoint: Web Content Management features that allow the Marketing team to publish content as quickly as they can come up with it. To envision ideas and be able to make them happen without having the restrictions of the technology or the complete and exhausted effort of an IT department. The features to allow your teams to do that is already there, and if you put a great looking design around it, the sky is the limit!

In terms of justifying a great looking site, consider the upside to the amount of 'buzz' we've received as an organization around our new, great looking site. I know that part of this is also because we do SharePoint Work and it showcases an area of our expertise but social media is an incredible thing these days. This is one part of our social media strategy and some organizations just don't understand how this can be part of our social media strategy.

  If you are looking to understand a Social Media Strategy for your clients or organization and need some help contact Imaginet Resources Corp.

 What about Internal sites, department portals, and document management sites? where is the upside to a great looking site? How do we justify it there? Well, I have been part of many projects and most of the time when we come in, we hear the same story. The client has installed SharePoint but it was hard to drive buzz and there wasn't much adoption internally. The result is a mix of people working on SharePoint and some working of file shares. There might be more issues around adoption than just UX but if part of your internal portal roll out includes a great User Experience (including a beautiful designed site) it will definitely effect adoption.

  If you are looking to get an idea of what it takes to build a great looking site look for my next blog post where I will talk about design options in SharePoint 2010.

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