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Christmas is coming and so are the deals.  Right now Best Buy has a huge discount (and you can find them in-stock) on the Samsung LED TVs.  (I think I saved $960 off of the original price) 

I have needed a new TV ever since we moved.  The main reason is we wanted something we could mount on the wall to keep away from the kids in the new house and my wife watched enough Food Network (she bakes cakes and cookies as her hobby) that the logo started to get burnt in.  The black lines were definitely burnt in, but who really wants to watch SDTV all stretched and nasty just to save from burn in.  No one's head is really that wide and squished looking :D

That said, I have been shopping the reviews and sites that have the in-store stock status of their TVs.  Currently it seems like most places are selling out early on big TVs this year since the price has dramatically dropped from $3-4k for a big flat TV to $1-2k.  This week there are a lot of sells on TVs so they are few and far between.  I really don’t like the idea of having a TV shipped either, though everyone offered it.  I know they were shipped to begin with, but if I open the box that night and something is wrong, I can take it back right then.  I like that with big purchases :D.

Anyway, I decided to go with the Samsung 55 in Series 6000 LED TV, purchased from Best Buy due to these factors:

  • Depth – Less than 2 inches is very very small
  • Price – Little over $2,000 sell price (- tax) is dang good for a LED or LCD TV of that size.  10 years ago, I paid that for the mid-level projection TV that took up 2 foot of space from the wall, this one mounted on the wall is less that 2 inches.
  • Weight – You can mount it very easy on almost any surface.  In fact, the mounting kit comes with drywall, concrete, or wood screws and instructions. 
  • Brightness – Wow, seriously, go to Best Buy and stand back and just compare it to the other TVs, it is hard to find a better picture than an LED TV due to the brightness level
  • Go Green – Just kidding, I don’t purchase anything for this reason, but they state on the site you can Go Green with this purchase.
  • Availability – It was and still in in-stock at most stores.

So far I truly love everything about this TV, and am still amazed by the items I listed above.  This will definitely be a great Christmas present for me … opps, let that cat out early, but I will really enjoy using it through this holiday season and the next couple years.  Then like most modern devices, it will start to flake and most likely crash and I will replace it with a TV made purely of glass and the picture is projected from the side like all those Microsoft future videos promise.

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