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Zune's doing what it does best - Driving people CrAzY!! Zune made a cameo on The Ellen Degeneres Show - Gosh! the audience was in complete hysteria - Ellen then decided to give away a Zune to everyone in the Audience and did the crowd go crazy! Take a look for yourself...

Chi-Lan Lieu demonstrated the Zune on the show and is everyone excited at the “Share” feature of this device! 

I loved the first comment on Gizmodo which said “...You'd have thought that Ellen just announced a cure for menopause ...“ Well if the device can get so many middle aged women so excited then imagine what it can do to a younger audience.

Its not long before we see a nice quote and a R.I.P (2001 - 2006) on the IPOD! Well Mr. IPOD, we will say a little prayer for you. 2001 - 2006 = 5 years a typical turnaround time for Microsoft (Java was 1995 - 2000), 2000 was when Microsoft started talking about .NET well it wasn't untill 2003 when .NET went full steam - so I'd expect something similar with Zune, give it another 3 years to knock every other portable media device off your memory.

P.S - Notice the Zune packaging in the above video (do you remember the Microsoft redesigns IPOD packaging video?)

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Tooo coool... Microsoft leads the way...
Left by Alex on Sep 21, 2006 4:52 PM

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JUUUUUNNNNNNKKKKKKKK!!!!!! Microsoft SUCCCCKKKKKKSSSSSS ASSSSS....No, sucks....The esthetics of this devise are way off... but, of course the beautiful beige and black crappy boxes that most pc's come in should have given a clue....Hell the 360 is even ugly...And I am not even going to discuss the interface wndows uses.....Come on!!! Get a clue....Pretty is in and Windows is out....I give it 3 years!!!
Left by willyboy on Nov 25, 2006 9:57 AM

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