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What is the point of having a customer service / sales / whatever email account for your company if you (the company) don't even respond!

On Tuesday I sent an email to Comp-USA.  They had two products listed on their site at different prices.  I am talking about the exact model number and everything.  So I fired off an email asking them what is the difference between the two and why a price difference..etc....No reply as of yet!

I am getting rather annoyed with my Dell laptop.  It's only a couple years old.  Before it was even a year old the HD went.  I wasn't overly shocked by this as it does happen.  A few months ago the display went on it.  If I hooked the laptop up to the port replicator or external monitor it was fine.  I called Dell.  They said I had to send the laptop in (my only machine at the time) and it would take AT LEAST seven days to fix.  I couldn't go seven days without my laptop that just wasn't an option.  I tried to explain that to Dell and asked if I could change my service contract so that I could have on-site service, the answer was no.  Then I asked if they could send me a loaner laptop or simply just replace my laptop so I wouldn't be without one.  The one Dell representative said yes they can do that.  I thought GREAT! problem my call got moved up the support ladder it turned out that this wasn't an option.  Dell did try to sell me a NEW laptop so I would always have a backup...I said NO THANKS and that very day I went to my local Gateway Country Store (before they closed down) and picked me up a Gateway laptop.

Yes I know Gateway..but I will tell you this.  I have a Gateway laptop that is now about 6 or 7 years old and it still functions without a problem and I have never had a problem with it.  So far the Gateway laptop is very cool.  It has the wide display and the screen is very crisp...and keyboard is super comfortable.

Back to Dell...

I was also having this other problem with my Dell.  It doesn't like to power up.  I hit the power button, don't matter if it's in the port replicator or not, and the lights come on HD light is lit and the display is I hit the power button to turn it off..then back on again...this is an everyday thing...and the process is repeated at least 4 times before the Dell decides it wants to boot up.

Oh the "at least 7 days" to fix the display..get this..I shipped the Dell out on a Thursday afternoon...Monday morning it was back!  nice turnaround time at least...but we had a new problem...the cover that had to be removed to get at the display is now buckled..I sent an email to Dell ...yep you guessed reply.

What is happening to Dell?  A friend of mine purchased a Dell laptop and the display went..after only a month!  Another friend has Dell laptop..2 years old...and now has just bought an IBM laptop because the Dell keeps giving him problems.

Again I have had a Gateway laptop for 6 or 7 years and it is still going strong.  Now I got another Gateway laptop, it mostly stays at home, and I enjoy programming on it and doing graphics why do I keep using the Dell...I don't know..feel guilty not using it for some reason....I use the Dell for email, the web, drafting documents, keep things in OneNote..etc...I could easily do all of this on the Gateway too....but why do I keep using the Dell.

Last night I was about to move everything off of the Dell and just leave it in the port replicator at home and use the Gateway as my primary machine..that hasn't happened yet.  When I first got this Dell I really liked it a lot but now this power button thing is driving me nuts and I don't really feel like dealing with Dell support again.

Though I have a Dell Power Edge NAS server that and a Power Edge tape drive that have been great.  Hmm maybe it's just laptops that Dell is slacking on.










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I'm having the exact same problems on my Sony Vaio. I too am thinking of just trashing it and getting an IBM.
Left by Jason Olson on Aug 13, 2004 7:20 PM

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