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[Don’t forget to vote on what your experience has been with the Entity Framework in my marmite poll :-)]

I get asked a lot about performance of our two ORMs against each other and against standard ADO.NET.

The short answer is

“Normally it is good enough. When it is not good enough, you need to do something to make it good enough”

My slightly longer answer is

“In general LINQ to SQL performs better on query, LINQ to Entities performs better on updates”

But – people like numbers, tables and comparison charts :-) Therefore I thought it would be useful to point at a couple of “old” resources + a new find for me:

First up, from Feb 2008 (so before we shipped in the August)

Then Julie looked at it again in July 2008

The new summary I found is a detailed ppt with lots of numbers to mull over – thanks to Alexander for sharing it! Slide 16 again shows Entity Framework to be significantly faster. Interesting stuff.

Posted on Tuesday, March 17, 2009 11:21 AM .NET 3.5 , Data , Entity Framework , ORM | Back to top

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