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So my D70 decided to get intimate with the ice over thanksgiving, and shattered itself, along with my 70-300 lens.   I don't use that lens very much anymore, as I have a 70-200F4, and a 28-300 that I use most of the time, but every once in a while that range was nice. Its a cheap lens, so no biggy.  The camera hurts me tho.  Fortunately I had it insured before my trip to Paris.  I am still waiting on the insurance company to decide if they want to replace or repair, but in either case I am going to take the cash, and buy a D200.  

Most of the photography work I do is Theatre Photography, so the extra stop of ISO, and the bigger viewfinder will really kick ass.  I almost never used the "creative" modes, so the loss of the point and shoot modes of the D70 is a non issue, but the 1/250 flash sync might hurt.  The thing I am most excited about tho is the viewfinder,  using the D70 finder, in the dark sucks, especially when I compare it to the F100 I used to have.

Then there is the question of who to buy from.... I could buy locally, if they arrive in time for my trip to DC on the 21st, or I might buy it in DC, but there will be more competition there :(  I've heard they are supposed to come out the 15th.   Adorama has a waiting list a mile long already, but B&H didn't take pre-orders so I might go there.  Of course, everyone by now has heard of all the crap with the vendors in Brooklyn, so be safe!

I ended up getting my 12-24 Nikkor from Abes of Maine, which many people call out as one of the scam sites now.  I didn't have problems, but I ordered some filters that were probably overpriced. I also am going to recheck my serial number to make sure they sent me the US version, tho what I would do at this point I don't know.


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Abe's will ship if it's overpriced. They might even sent what you ordered if you overpay enough. A friend of mine got taken for hundreds of dollars

Stick to an honest dealer such as B&H, Adorama, One Call, Samy's or Discount Digitial Photo.
Left by Dave on Dec 14, 2005 5:49 AM

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