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Edit and Continue annoyance

So now I'm faced with a change that I realize can't be applied... but I really don't want to restart!   Reasons are that to get to this point, I had to step through a lot of code line by line, and I needed to make one slight adjustment...  and I want to save that adjustment, but continue debugging.

I'm surprised many others haven't been annoyed by this...

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Print | posted on Monday, July 30, 2007 12:37 PM |



# re: Edit and Continue annoyance

At this point often you can modify whatever state you need to in debug mode, or call into other methods if needs be via the Immediate window, and keep on debugging. This way it acts as if the change you just wrote had already been implemented, and you can keep testing.
7/31/2007 8:08 AM | Lorin Thwaits

# re: Edit and Continue annoyance

True, but if I start debugging into other methods, I may actually forget the change I need to make... right?

Forcing us to stop immediately is silly. I should have the option to debug source code that doesnt match the compiled version, with the understanding that (of course) my change can't be integrated into the current run.
8/2/2007 4:15 PM | Eric Newton
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