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QCon is an amazing conference. Maybe 300+ attendees and about 100+ speakers. It is targeted at enterprise developers, and is not for the 'next, next, finish' developer.

There feels a definite lack of .Net here at the conference (I mean other than the specific .Net track) but there is a good Java, Python, Ruby, etc. feel which makes me not feel too out of the loop.

If you have not heard of QCon before, I encourage you too look at it as a possible conference to attend next year. I have had the pleasure of meeting Ralph Johnson (GoF), Dan North (NBehave), Erik Meijer (LINQ) and, Gregor Hophe (EIP)

This is just a quick note to those of us that are exploring workflows in general. At QCon I had the opportunity to discuss the topic of hierarchical workflows (workflows of workflows) with Gregor Hophe. The question I had was simply "Is there anything inherently evil about hierarchal workflows?" to which he responded that there wasn't anything inherently evil about them. Which, for me, was good to know since it seemed that was the way the problem space was unfolding.

I think that the .Net track went very well. Got to see Gallio and MbUnit up close and personal. I am glad that I choose this framework, it continues to impress me. I will be moving other stuff to it soon. Jeremy Miller's talk gave me a lot of ideas about how I can go through and make my code easier to use. Excited to hear about functional programming and I can't wait to see it roll out to VS2010.

The database alternatives was a bit, um, yawn. There was a lot of ceremony in this code still. But this could be a lot of the fact that I have alot to learn about this stuff.

The highlight of the whole conference for me really was the DDD sessions. Eric Evans is an excellent speaker, and though I can't surmise what he said with any justice, I can't wait to hear him speak again. I guess the best thing that I got was to reread DDD from the back to the front.

Again, go to QCon.


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