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For me, its the smart phone that really speaks to me. When news about this device came out this past February and they showed off the interface and what was planned, I had a huge smile on my face and said, "I just can't wait!" The last time I was all over something like this, was when news came out about the Xbox 360 Elites and luckily for me, that was a shorter wait.

So what is so cool about this device? For me, it takes a lot of the things I currently enjoy and packages them into one single device to start with. The way it preforms looks great as well and I think it has a huge potential for developers that normally use Visual Studio Tools on a daily basis. Here are some of the things I like the best.

I'm a huge Zune fan and carry my Zune 30 around a lot. I love the Zune Pass service to stream just about every song available on the Zune Marketplace to me, provided I'm in a WiFi spot. On top of that I can even select 10 songs to keep each month. That's like buy each for only $1.49 per song and I still can listen to everything else for free and keep the ones I buy after my subscription is up. Soon I'll have a WP7 that is Zune enabled and I can stop carrying a Phone and a Zune around.

Next is the device will be Xbox Live enabled and provide some better handheld games to play and allow me to earn achievements as well. A lot of the Xbox Live features have been a bit vague so far, we just haven't seen a lot of them demoed just yet. I mean we've seen some of the screens and game demos, but its still not clear on every aspect, one of the features I'd hope to see is Xbox Live messaging between friends inside the Game Hub. I'd like to send and receive messages from this location and it would be great to at least hear the voice message someone leaves me on Xbox Live. I can only hope this will come, but the other stuff should be great for sure.

Well that's two things that I really love and use daily at times and so the phone really speaks to me. The next is the design features and NUI experience. Its like no other phone out really and looks very slick and smooth. I've seen demos over the months and can tell where improvements have been made and I think I'm going to really enjoy this device. I found myself looking at friend iPhones or Androids and wanting it to act and perform like the videos I've seen on the WP7. Maybe I've been looking at to many videos?

Another cool feature is its Apps are written in Silverlight or XNA and all available as free tools for developers that want to create something. These are based on the same tools available to me as a developer in my work place, being a Visual Studio .Net shop. So its pretty easy to try and build something for this device. If you know anything about Silverlight Development or XNA for creating games, you'll be very comfortable I think in creating an App for the WP7 device.

I'll have more on this device as time draws closer and I'm sure a lot of people have already heard about this device. But I was surprised at a recent Tech Conference a friend of mine had not heard of this device really and he is involved a bit in creating games and used XNA as well. So I'll leave you all with this promo video of the reveal for WP7, just in case you haven't seen this device and what is in store.

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