I recently read the book “C# 4.0” How-To by Ben Watson, published by SAMS, ISBN-13: 978-0-672-33063-6.

I’m a primarily VB.net developer (hey I”m a VB MVP) but these days I find myself using C# more and more.

This is a practical book; seeing exactly how to code various patterns in C# was very useful.

The usefulness was three fold.

First, as C# is not my 1st language, sometimes I stumble a bit when trying to express some code in C#. There are many many examples of using a very wide range of classes that makes it easy to find a relevant case.

The second useful thing was just seeing a number of patterns programmed that I have not used myself. One area is implementing interfaces. It is a common practice in .net but there are lots of interfaces in the .net framework which I rarely touch. I liked the example of implementing a generic interface.

The third thing is seeing details of many .net class overloads expanded out in written form.  Although Visual Studio intellisense is very good, I must admit that even some of the string and numeric methods have overloads or options that I was not aware of.

I’m going to keep this one on my shelf for a while. I can see it as being very helpful when refactoring a troublesome piece of code!