Great event....

Sitting here at the table with INETA and the various user groups from around Florida. People from South Florida (, Orlando (, Tampa ( and Tallahassee ( are helping to staff the booth.

There must be a couple thousand people here and I'm surprised how many do not know about the user groups in their areas... something we are corrrecting on the fly!

Even more amazing is that some people don't really have any idea of what a user group does!!

Florida is a big state and there are people from all over the entire state from the keys, south Florida (both East and West costs), Tampa, Orlando, Melbourn, Datona, Jacksonville, Gainesville, Tallahassee and Pensacola plus a smattering from Atlanta, Pittsburg and NY.

There are a few groups around the state that need to be started or revived... Anyone want to start something in Daytona??