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Toggle Function Key Behaviour

Monday, July 22, 2013 10:23 AM

A friend on Twitter was looking to set the default behaviour of the function keys on his Surface keyboard. By default they don’t act like Function keys and perform the iconic action instead. So F5 actually opens the search screen in Windows 8, it doesn’t run your VS.NET project unless you’re holding down the FN (function) key as well. This can be annoying if you’re doing development and need to hit F5 a lot.

Thanks to Richard Hay for responding with the answer to how to do this! Just hold FN + CapsLock and this will toggle the default behaviour of the function keys. You won’t see anything confirming this on screen, but when you hit F5 you’ll see it no longer launches search but does whatever the default for the current program is (i.e. in Chrome, F5 will refresh).



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