D'Arcy from Winnipeg
Solution Architecture, Business & Entrepreneurship, Microsoft, and Adoption

April 2013 Entries

So Tonight I Got Mugged Leaving the Jets Game

Tonight, after the Winnipeg Jets game, I was assaulted in downtown Winnipeg walking to my car. I parked on Carlton right at Broadway. As I crossed St. Mary’s, there were two Habs fans in front of me. They passed two guys, one wearing a Jets jersey, who yelled something like “Habs suck” at them. The Habs fans answered back with “See you in the playoffs” – which is normal sports fan banter. The two Jets fans took exception though, and began walking behind the Habs fans, taunting them. I was in step ......

The Startup Lifestyle - Business as the New Programming and Why That’s a Bad Thing

Anyone can be a programmer. Go to school, self-teach through books or videos, etc. The industry isn’t regulated like some other professions like engineering, trades (plumbing, carpentry, etc.) or architecture (the building type). But to be a programmer, someone that can make a computer do some useful stuff – it really doesn’t take much. And there’s a whole bunch of reasons why that’s a good and bad thing. Good in that there’s a low barrier of entry for people of any age to get into programming. Bad ......