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Insanity Day 3

Thursday, September 27, 2012 3:24 AM

So on Tuesday (Sept 25th) I did my 2nd Insanity workout (for those keeping track, I’m not counting the fit test as #1) and it was MURDER on my legs. I wasn’t able to get to it yesterday, and I’m noticing a trend in this first week – I can easily push to do it every 2nd day, but life is just too crazy busy right now (yeah yeah, excuses right? I look at it more like priorities – I have a tech conference I’m running next week, crazy days right now).

Today I moved to the 3rd workout – but honestly I couldn’t get into it. It was the cardio recovery day, which is a lot of stretching and stuff. I think if I had been doing the first two sessions back to back I’d need it, but I didn’t want to cool down today – I wanted to push!

So I moved to the next DVD in the series but for some reason couldn’t get it to run on my computer, even with SlyDVD. So – back to Disc 1 and the Plyometric Cardio Circuit!

Fantastic workout again this morning. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not all of a sudden in amazing shape, but I am noticing already that I seem to be somewhat better – I’m really looking forward to my next fit test at the end of the month!


# re: Insanity Day 3

I tried the Insanity workout and lost interest in it. It will definitely work but I need my workout to be fun too. I've really liked Mike Chang's videos on youtube.


He seems to be more sincere than the mainstream videos like Insanity or P90X. 9/27/2012 4:52 AM | Chris

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