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Insanity–Day 1

Saturday, September 22, 2012 5:02 PM

Some people do those posts about “Here’s what I’m going to do to change my life”. I don’t really like those. I’m a “don’t tell me what you’re going to do, tell me what you’re doing/have done” type of guy.

So while I could say how I’m going to change my life and be healthier and happier and thinner in 60 days, I’m just going to tell you how I’m progressing through the Insanity workout.

Insanity is a workout-in-a-box. It’s a collection of DVDs that you work out to. Nothing new here, except that the program is intense. It’s core tenet of the program is intensity – you workout at an elevated heart rate for 3 minutes with a short break in between, as opposed to traditional interval training where you go hard for a short time and recover for a few minutes.

The other aspect of it is commitment. There is a timetable to follow – you workout 6 days a week with one rest day. This isn’t meant to be a “pick it up whenever you feel like it” type of program.

The videos themselves are kind of…I don’t want to say low quality, but not as polished as I expected. Maybe that’s what they were going for. By that I mean they show shots of cameramen and the production equipment during the workout. Otherwise, it’s the Insanity leader Shawn T. leading a group of pretty fit folks through this gruelling workout.

And ultimately, those little production nit-picks are irrelevant compared to the actual workout. Holy crap. I haven’t done an aerobics class in like…ever. And watching the video before my actual workout, I thought “That doesn’t look too hard”. Believe me, it is. No weights, no machines, just various exercises done in circuits and with increasing speed. By the end of the workout, I was drenched.

So that was day one. Some stats just so I can track it: I’m 286 lbs at my last weigh-in a week ago or so. Should be interesting to see what 60 days of this does!



# re: Insanity–Day 1

Enjoy! I'm currently also no a weight loss and overall health improvement mission, although just through lifestyle adjustments. The biggest help so far has been a calorie tracker. I use MyFitnessPal because their phone app is pretty good, but mainly because it's free. Seriously though, tracking calorie intake through out the day has been the best thing ever for me. No more assuming. I started at 260 and am down to 252 in 3 weeks, gym 3 nights a week and yoga 2 days a week between gym days. Usually take the weekends off. 9/22/2012 5:01 PM | Chris D

# re: Insanity–Day 1

I did Insanity. Fantastic, but hardest workout I've ever done. I made it 6 weeks before being forced to quit because I overstretched my hip flexor and ended up tearing it. So DON'T overstretch - no matter how good you feel.

The workout will work your core and hip flexors like no ones business.

If you want the biggest bang for your buck - and something I really learned through doing this workout, is you HAVE to eat properly. I've done tons of workouts over the years with varying success, and this one actually worked the best - but only when I ate cleanly and well (which was the first 2 weeks). Don't get me wrong, my cardio increased greatly during the program and I felt fantastic, but I didn't eat well and didn't get the results I wanted.

In about a month, when my hip flexor is better, I plan to do the program again. Good luck! Its tough - physically and mentally - but very well worth it! 9/23/2012 2:25 AM | Chris P

# re: Insanity–Day 1

That goes for any workout program, working out alone will improve your overall fitness, but it won't tone your body or help you lose weight if you aren't eating right. 9/30/2012 6:38 AM | Chris D

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its a very unusual day for me and i am happy to see this kind of post which usually did not say commonly 10/1/2012 12:36 AM | mazapoint

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