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Microsoft WPC–Day 5 (Thursday)

Monday, July 18, 2011 3:20 PM

Last day of WPC, so what should we start with? You guessed it – KEYNOTES! But Thursday was all about the regional keynotes, so all the Canadian partners packed into a room to hear from Canadian Microsoft executives.

In Canada there are three different groups within Microsoft Canada – Small/Medium Business, Enterprise Business, and DPE. While in the past partners were slotted into one of the different groups, now moving forward we’re all just identified as playing in a certain area, not committed to just one – much better for partners and for Microsoft to make business connections through and with partners.

For each area we heard what their priorities will be for FY12:

Small/Medium Business Priorities

Working with partners, engaging them more, and coming up with solution plans.

Excite Customers
Some great offerings like pilot and immersion projects and co-funded proof of concepts were discussed, fantastic resources!

Sell Our Solutions
Obviously Microsoft wants partners who will sell end-to-end MS solutions, and so incentives and rebates are being offered to entice that.

Deliver Value
Value is always an aspect of any business endeavor

Enterprise Business Priorities

The enterprise priorities focussed around modernizing the business desktop (moving to Windows 7, kill IE 6), winning the data center, growing the application platform, and leading the future of business productivity (Office 365).

DPE Priorities

For DPE, we’re going to see Windows 8 and IE9 application development continue to be a focus (read: HTML 5), as will WP7 and Azure.

It was also announced on Wednesday, and reiterated Thursday, that Microsoft WPC 2012 will be held in Toronto!

So after the keynote, the conference was really starting to wind down. Most people were flying out Thursday night, although a number of us were staying until Friday. There was a final party/concert with Los Lobos and Smashmouth in the evening, and another Canadian party at a venue that night, but I wasn’t up for either. Apparently they were great though!


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