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Microsoft WPC–Day 3 (Tuesday)

Monday, July 18, 2011 2:15 PM

The keynote session for the morning was a mixture of things. It started with an all-female rock band singing Cold Play’s “Viva la Vida”, then had all partners-of-the-year winners parade on stage, and then we got into the specific messaging part. There were five separate keynotes this morning from different business units within Microsoft.

First up was Cloud. Note that I didn’t say Azure, although that’s part of it. Azure is the public cloud, but Microsoft talked up the Private Cloud a lot at this year’s WPC. They realize that organizations want “the cloud on your terms”. In Canada this is especially true of organizations that are adverse to having data physically stored outside the country. The talk brought up hybrid solutions (on/off premises cloud), the use of System Center and Hyper V for on premises cloud, and how virtual servers will overtake the physical server install base by 2012. Lots of good stuff in this.

Next up, Office. Staggering, but there are over 1 billion PCs running office in the world! 73% of the US market alone runs on Exchange for their email. Office has a great established base, so what’s next?

- Unified Communications
- Collaboration
- Enterprise Content Management
- Business Intelligence
- Enterprise Search

A big part of this is Lync, Microsoft’s unified communications product/platform. I took in a session on this and saw some great demos, and it really is fantastic! If you haven’t looked into Lync, check out the features here.

Of course Office 365 was also brought up, and some stats that suggested up to 50% savings for customers by migrating to it. To aid in the transition, customers also maintain a 1 year on-premises license for Office, so a sudden switch over isn’t required. Great stuff in this session!

The ditched the rest of the keynotes. Dynamics was up next, and after a few minutes I realized they were preaching to the converted with their content. The other keynotes were around hardware and I can source those videos later. Overall, very informative keynote session.

The day saw more one-on-one meetings with contacts, and in the evening the Canadian contingent threw a party at the Mayan night club.


I elected to head to the Telerik party and it was fantastic! Great discussion and a great venue.

View from the Hilton rooftop for the Telerik party.


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