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Microsoft WPC–New Order

Tuesday, July 12, 2011 12:03 AM

To kick off the WPC earlier today, Microsoft brought in Japanese artists New Order. They were fantastic, blending a version of the video below with some WPC-specific shots, and then coming live to the stage to perform a great dance number. The version of the song at WPC was in English, but still sounds great in its original language (if anyone finds video from the WPC performance, please post a link in the comments!)

Update: Someone pointed out this video as well, and the performance at WPC used a blend of shots from the above video and this one, as well as the live performance. Also, now that I’ve seen this video I realize the performance wasn’t in English. Great song regardless of language though! :)

Final Update – Ok, last video on this post, but the ending of this one was how they ended it on stage, which was pretty kewl.

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