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April 2011 Entries

Warning–Religious Based Post (Rob Bell, Love Wins, and Christian Pirates)

I try, I really try, to keep this blog as much about technology and as little about other topics, but honestly its too annoying to try and keep multiple blogs. So, here we are. As you can tell by the title, this will be a religious-based post. If you’re not down with that, that’s kewl…please view another of the fantastic tech-themed posts on my blog or on another GeeksWithBlogs contributor’s blog. Rob Bell. Rob Bell is the pastor of a church in Michigan. I actually used to mock Rob Bell because (sorry ......

AzureFest Comes to Winnipeg!

There’s a lot of buzz about cloud computing right now: how it works, how you develop for a cloud platform, how you deploy your applications, what are the gotchas and nuances, etc. For those wondering these things about Microsoft’s cloud offering, Azure, the upcoming AzureFest event will answer those questions for you! Occurring May 19th from 5:30 – 9:00 at Online Business Systems, and featuring Microsoft Developer Evangelist John Bristowe, this FREE event will give you a solid grounding for developing ......

WP7–Outlook, Exchange, and Custom Certificate Woes

I haven’t been able to get my work email syncing with my Samsung Focus since I started the new gig due to some certificate issues. When I try to connect, I’m just told there’s a problem with the certificate. The real underlying issue is that the certificate for my work email isn’t installed on my WP7 device. Unfortunately, this ends up being a manual task that you have to perform, but its not a difficult one once you know what to do. Jerome Laban’s blog post talks about the root cause of the issue: ......

WP7–Mango Introducing Private Marketplace

One of the questions I get asked most about WP7 is what the enterprise story is. With the initial release of WP7, there isn’t one…at least not like iPhone which offers an internal server application for distributing apps within an organization, or BlackBerry with their BEZ server. Currently all apps need to go through the AppHub marketplace for WP7. A friend of mine working on a non-public app worked around this by requiring a seperate unlock key to be used, but this isn’t practical over the long ......

WP7–Demo Tip: How to Enable Keyboard Entry

I presented at the Winnipeg WP7 Bootcamp last week, and during the session I mentioned how one frustration with the emulator was that you couldn’t type using the keyboard.

After my session, a former colleague at a previous gig pointed out that while in the emulator, if you click on a field and then hit Page-Up, you’ll be able to type using the keyboard!

Thanks Colin!


WP7–Getting Picture Taking Code to Work

Doing some final prep for speaking at this week’s Winnipeg IE9/WP7 bootcamp and ran into an issue with one of the demos. It’s a picture taking sample, showing how to programmatically implement functionality to interact with the phone’s camera. In the emulator everything worked fine, but when I deployed to my device I’d continually get a “User Cancelled” message after trying to snap a pic (this was coded in the event that the user cancelled taking the picture). A quick ping to WP7 MVP Mark Arteaga ......