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VS.NET 2010 – Possible Bug Referencing ASMX Service From Silverlight 2

Tuesday, May 19, 2009 2:23 AM

Decided to use VS.NET 2010 for a really small Silverlight project, and LOVING the designer UI! It’s awesome to have designer functionality within Visual Studio. Blend isn’t going away (the styling features are still baked into Blend, not VS.NET), but at least this gives developers the ability to do layout changes within VS.NET before handing it off to the artists.

So back to the title of this post. I whipped up a quick ASMX web service to collect some simple data. I posted it up to my server and everything looked fine. But when I went to add the service reference to my Silverlight 2 project in VS.NET 2010 (and yes, I verified that the project is targeting SL 2), I got this error message:

The service cannot be consumed by the current project. Please check if the project target framework supports this service type.

Odd…I then tried to reference the service from another Silverlight 2 app from within VS.NET 2008. I was able to browse the service and add it without a problem.

VS.NET 2010 *just* came out, so I’m not expecting there to be an answer for this just yet…and it could very well be a bug that needs fixing. But just FYI that if you’re trying to get your ASMX services to jive with your Silverlight app and it just isn’t working, it may *not* be you.



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