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Weird SharePoint/Silverlight Issue – Plugin Not Installed Template Firing

Tuesday, May 12, 2009 10:35 AM

[Edit: Note that a solution to this was found, and you can read about it here.]

Weird problem that I don’t have the answer to…yet. I have a Silverlight app (.xap) uploaded to a document library in my SharePoint site. I want to display this in a Form Content web part. In the source editor I have something akin to this (altered to keep it short and easy to read):



        No really, its installed!



The problem is that when I load my SharePoint page that has the webpart on it, it *always* displays the PluginNotInstalledTemplate content. But…

- Silverlight plugin is installed in my browsers (this behaviour happens if I access SharePoint in IE or FF)

- MIME types are enabled in IIS

- I can browse to the location of the .xap and begin the download, so it is accessible.

- (The most frustrating thing) – This was working last week. Yes, we did do some movements to a new dev environment, but it was a copy of a VM…no updates or changes were made to the SharePoint application or configuration itself.

I’m sure its going to end up being something silly, but figured I’d throw this out in case anyone else has experienced a similar thing. Will post a solution as soon as I find one.



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