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Wolverine Review, or “Marvel, why do you let Hollywood do this crap?!”

Sunday, May 3, 2009 10:31 AM

Warning – This post gives away massive spoilers to the new Wolverine movie. If you don’t want to ruin the movie for yourself, stop reading this now.

I have a love/hate relationship with Marvel comic based movies. Spiderman 1, loved it, Spiderman 2, was ok. Spiderman 3, well I think we know how I felt about that one. XMen started good in the series, ended a little weak. Hulk and Iron Man I was never really into, so I had no major expectations.

And then comes Wolverine. Let’s start with the good. The story of how Wolverine and Sabretooth were mutant brothers, fighting through wars over time, etc. was awesome. The fight scenes were well done, and the interlacing of Prof X, Cyclops, White Witch, and others added some nice cameo aspects that brought the story in line with the rest of the movies.

The way Wolverine *lost* his memories was sort of dumb, but not totally outlandish. Gambit was a huge disappointment. Not because of the acting, but because he was thrown in as an afterthought. “Let’s add a popular mutant into the story just so we can get more geek buzz around it” is what I felt watching him.

So long story short, 95% of the movie I thought was B+. But then, as happened with Spiderman 3, Hollywood (specifically Fox Studios in this instance) took a massive crap on this movie for me.

I had one reason and one reason alone to watch this movie: Deadpool. Deadpool is arguably one of the best and yet underutilized characters in the Marvel universe. The fact they case Ryan Reynolds in this role gave me huge hope that after this movie maybe…*maybe*…we’d see a Deadpool movie, because *that* would be truly awesome.

But no…oh no…Instead of Wade becoming DeadPool as in the comics, he becomes some sort of uber-mutant infused with all the powers of other mutants, including having swords come out of his hands like Wolverine’s claws. He’s also controlled by the main bad guy through a computer. He resembled the final boss in the first Resident Evil video game more than DeadPool proper. Absolutely total BS.

Then they totally rip off the final battle scene from Star Wars Episode 1, complete with the severed body falling down a big dark pit…albeit this time DeadPool’s head, while shooting out laser beams a-la Scott Summers, methodically destroys the reactor tower in the process. LAME!

There was a lot of good in the Wolverine movie, it wasn’t a crap fest. But seriously: do the people writing these scripts ever consult with the *fans* of the comics when they make these decisions?



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