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Updated ToDo List: Fix TechEd Site for Canadians, then Teach Andrew Duthie to Sing Billy Idol, and then Open a Chipotle in Winnipeg

Saturday, March 21, 2009 11:46 PM

I’ve uncovered a fiendish plot tonight to try and dissuade Canadians from going to TechEd this year! I wanted to check the dates to see if they coincided with any of the upcoming NIN|JA tour dates, but when I went to the TechEd site at


I saw…THIS:


I tried refreshing…I even tried opening up another browser, but to no avail. So I did what anyone else would do: I turned to Twitter. However, it wasn’t enough that Andrew Duthie took my constructive critique of his recent EMP performance WAY too seriously and slammed in my face that my country is sorrily lacking in Mexican cuisine AND that I wasn’t at Mix…


…he THEN mocks me on Twitter…


But fear not my friends, for I’ve already dispatched the Canadian Army to track down which of the 20 RJ-45 cables between Grand Forks ND and Winnipeg that form the backbone of Canada’s internet have been snipped…we’ll get the TechEd site back up for us Canucks…and then…then Duthie will truly know what it means to yell like a rebel!


PS: Chris Williams just tweeted that he can’t get to the TechEd site either…apparently nobody got the memo that just because Minnesota gets the same weather as and they have funny accents, that doesn’t quite make them Canadian.


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