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MVP Summit EMP Party 2009 – MVP’s ROCK OUT

Thursday, March 5, 2009 8:58 PM

Once again we return to the scene of the crime from last year for another evening of geeks getting in touch with their inner musicians. So let the concert begin!

Let’s start with a Euro-guy and his rendition of Enter Sandman if the lead singer of Sepultura was on vocals:

<br /><a href="http://video.msn.com/video.aspx?vid=5040e17f-e6fa-4175-b550-493d2ef09cfa" target="_new" title="MVP09-EMP-EuroGuy-EnterSandman">Video: MVP09-EMP-EuroGuy-EnterSandman</a>

Next we have The Elder channelling Garth Brooks…


Young man…you must use MVC…I said young man…to learn it who should you see?…how bout, that guy…what’s his name? Don’t you know?…Why its Jef-rey-Pa-a-ler-mo…

Sasha K. and Steven Forte lead an all-star cast in a rousing performance of Hit Me Baby One More Time, complete with XBox MVP dancers (you’ll know them when you see them).

And finally…Kanye and Jamie Fox? Who are those clowns! How about Ryan and DLUX?!

Good times, good times…



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