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Ignite Your Life: Reaction – Opportunity is Constantly Knocking

Tuesday, January 27, 2009 11:00 PM

This post is part of a series called Ignite Your Life. For background info on the series, please refer to previous posts on introducing the series and The 5 R's (where you can find links to the other posts in this series).

This morning (if you’re reading this early enough) or tomorrow morning, I want you to do a little experiment:

Get your morning paper. Go through it cover to cover. As you go through it, take a pen or marker or some writing instrument. Read the stories. see the advertisements, peruse the classifieds, review the columns, and catch up on the sports stats. Now, while you’re doing that I want you to write down any ideas for how to fix the problems you see, or gaps in service that can be filled, or an idea of how to approach something better or differently.

Now look at your list. Those are all opportunities. Opportunities to start a new business, or organization (profit or non-profit), something personally that you can do to make a difference somewhere, or something that you can suggest to your current company as a new offering or service you provide to customers. Maybe its an opportunity to speak, or write an article or book on a topic that’s relevant to today.

One of the nice things about this world we live in is that its not perfect. Yes, that’s a double edged sword at times…especially in the current global economy I don’t think anyone would be overly thrilled at the dire situations so many find themselves in. However, there’s also immense opportunity out there as well. Even without the current financial mess, there has been and will always be something wrong somewhere. And that opportunity is something that you may be able to take advantage of.

To take advantage of those opportunities though we need to react quickly when they knock on our door. How quickly?

Well, consider a new business venture. You’ve spotted a great opportunity to fill a great need for a service that will bring in a large amount of money while at the same time making many people’s lives easier. What do you do? Do you get a business plan ready? Do you set up a meeting with the bank? Do you wait until all the proper paperwork is signed before finally getting traction on what it was you originally wanted to do? NO.

When opportunity arises, take it and run with it. Get it going, kick it off, and fill in the blanks as you go. Opportunities are fleeting…they’re there, and then they’re gone. If you don’t act on them when you see them, you could be missing out entirely.

Here’s a sobering thought that I’ll leave this entry with:

One day you will die.

We’re all facing a limited shelf life, and many of us have already burned a lot of years getting to where we are now. How much time do we have left? How many more opportunities will arise for us? The time to act on the opportunities that come our way is now. When it knocks, don’t just look through the eye-hole and keep the door closed. Try opening the door and seeing where it takes you.



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