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Glad I Didn’t Waste Time With LINQ to SQL

Sunday, November 2, 2008 2:50 PM

This post from the ADO.NET team, and the initial response in the comments from Elisa Flasko, seem to be tolling the death bells for LINQ to SQL…or at least in its current form. Over and over in the blog post we’re told of Microsoft’s investment into EF and how that will be the “recommended data access solution for LINQ to relational scenarios”.

So if you have heavy investment yourself in LINQ to SQL, you might want to start looking at EF…or contacting Microsoft to let them know you like your LINQ to SQL just the way it is.

Ah, technical debt…



# re: Glad I Didn’t Waste Time With LINQ to SQL

...or start looking at all the OSS and 3rd party persistence products that are easier to use than EF *and* have LINQ implementations. 11/2/2008 6:01 PM | Jeremy D. Miller

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