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Tech Ed: Tuesday

Friday, June 6, 2008 11:30 AM

Tuesday was the first *official* day of Tech Ed, kicking off with a keynote by Bill Gates…and his last keynote in his current role with Microsoft. It was a good keynote, but honestly there was nothing big or surprising announcement wise. This makes sense since PDC is coming up and they’ll wait to make any big announcements there, but you always hope there will be a little something.

I worked my first shift at the Architecture booth and it was a great experience (and deserves its own blog post).

The expo reception was Tuesday as well, and there was some great food on hand (sliders, chicken sliders, asian stuff, junk food stuff…and beer).

Ok, ok…let’s get to the main event of Tuesday: Geekfest 2008 at Howl At The Moon.

Howl At The Moon is like Coyote Ugly, but with good music and less roadhouse feel. The guys who make up the band are phenominal. They take requests, and luckily with our crowd that meant a good mix of rock tunes which they were able to belt out just as well as the other genres they covered.

Of course, Chris Williams got them to play a certain song I’ve now made infamous and invite me up on stage to sing…

[UPDATE] Here's the video:

Video: Tech Ed 2008 - Howl At The Moon Performance


The night went great….maybe too great… ;)

Chris: Dude, I need to stop.
D’Arcy: Follow my voice!


INETA peeps partying it up.


I can’t remember what these guys were up to.


I *may* have had something to do with those empty cups…


And then my camera died, I used my camera phone…

 img086   img089 img090





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I would appreciate if you in your second camera phone pic would stop trying to seduce your blog viewers. 6/6/2008 1:27 PM | Matt

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