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Tech Ed: The Last Few Days

Wednesday, June 4, 2008 3:01 PM

So I’ve been a bit all over the place with my Tech Ed posts, not really going in order, jumping around between days and sessions and stuff. So here’s a high level recap of the last 4 days.

So after all my travel stuff, Sunday night I hooked up with some INETA peeps and we had dinner and hung out at Howl At the Moon (awesome music bar here in Orlando).

Monday was registration/training/Party with Palermo day. The convention center has a very similar layout to my 2005 Tech Ed, although maybe with a bit less stuff since this one is solely focussed on developers and not IT pros. I heard they still had 6000 people attend this Developers version of Tech Ed, which was beyond their goal, so its still definately a success.





After my training session I hooked back up with my INETA peeps for the summit they held Monday night, and then it was off to Party with Palermo.



Party with Palermo happened at a local bar called…um…I honestly cant’ remember what it was called. But it was really nice, and there was a great turnout. As sometimes happened, we had to help out Jeff to use up all his beverage budget, which we were happy to do.



Me and Aaron


Mario and Rob


Longest Tequila shot line of the conference.


After PwP, we were hungry and hung out at the TGIF that was just down the block.


The manager on duty was pretty funny.


Eric Cote and Etienne give their independent reviews of the new Indiana Jones movie.


So that takes us through Sunday and Monday…and into Tuesday. But that my friends, is another blog post…



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