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Speaker Idol – Tuesday’s Heat

Tuesday, June 3, 2008 1:14 PM

I’m attending the first heat of Speaker Idol here at Tech Ed...I'm competing in the third heat and want to "scope out the competition".

The judges are Steve Smith, Yasir from Austria, Mark Dunn, and Scott Stansfield (winner from last year).

Rachel Appel is up first. She’s going to be talking about Dynamic Data. OMG, she’s using Northwind…I just heard Scott Hanselman from accross the convention center scream “NOOOOOOOOOO…”.


Honestly I haven’t looked into Dynamic Data much, but I see that its using routing, but to connect to the database instead of to a controller (thinking MVC). Very good presentation, Rachel did great!

Jason Follas is up next with Working with XML Inside of SQL Server


He’s doing “The Laribee” – One slide with a single word: Fidelity. I’m sure he’ll lose points for having no fancy artistic picture to go with it though.

He pulls up his World of Warcarft character info as part of the presentation…Scott goes up to check his stats and goes ‘Meh…” MORE POINTS LOST!

That last point is confirmed when the judges make their comments...

Scott Stansfield - “Base intelligent of 115 for base restoration druid is weak…you’re a backup healer.” Jason is IN TEARS*.

Alright…Bobby Kuzma is up.


OH NO…he has no slides…its the radical ones that are the most dangerous (he got asked last night). PCI Compliance with Software.

Interesting thought: think of security issues when doing your unit testing. Not just the common business functions, but also think how someone might want to get into your code maliciously and test against that.

Time for the winner...and its...Bobby Kuzma?! The man with no power point slides comes out as the dark horse winner!

All the contestants did a great job though.

*Note: Ok, that might have been an exageration about the tears. ;)


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Man, if only I could understand the words that are coming out of your mouth!!! That's all I gots to say about that!!! 6/3/2008 9:25 PM | Sleeman

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