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Twin Cities Code Camp Fall 08 - I'm Speaking on What?

Friday, April 25, 2008 11:41 AM

Jason announced the Twin Cities Fall Code Camp will happen on October 11, 2008 and once again I'll be making the trek down for it! However, my topic may come as a bit of a surprise considering my last slew of talks:

So What is Biz Talk Anyway?

We've all heard of Biz Talk, but not many of us truly understand what Biz Talk is and how it fits into a larger solution. In this session we'll take a tour of the features of Biz Talk and give attendees a good starting point to learn more about the product and how it might play into their solution plans.

Remember that post I did a while back talking about being at a crossroads technically and what that means going forward? Well, part of that has been my decision to start diving into the world of Biz Talk and getting acquainted with the product. In a way its very refreshing because its not another evolutionary step in my main discipline that I'm forced to undertake, but one that I'm genuinely interested in and that I hope will be a breath of fresh air (no, this doesn't mean I'm dropping web stuff altogether or anything).



# re: Twin Cities Code Camp Fall 08 - I'm Speaking on What?

Cool - see you there!
4/25/2008 1:42 PM | Lou

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