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Best Buy Customer Service And My Camera

Tuesday, April 22, 2008 1:08 AM

You may have read my review of my Canon SD 870 IS camera and know that I was returning home with a busted machine. I was pretty bummed about it, but thankful that my Sony camcorder could be used as a camera (and it took really good pics for a 4 MP camera mode!).

I returned to Winnipeg and went by the local Best Buy to submit my camera for service work. I always by the extended warranties on this stuff, so I figured it was going to be sent out, returned, and either be fixed or else it was time to send it back again (3 strikes and its a lemon).

I was greeted by a friendly customer service rep and I explained to her what happened. Of course, my camera is now acting like that frog from the WB cartoons and the lens is retracting/expanding perfectly fine without any issue. I tested it before we left and it was TOTALLY throwing the "Lens error..." exception.

The CSR looks at my bill, and says "One second..." and disappears to the camera section. This doesn't look good. Something is up...

She returns a little while later with another Canon box. "Ok, we're just going to do a straight exchange since you bought it so recently."

I'm stunned. I don't have to send my camera for service, I'm getting a new model, and I wasn't the one that suggested a replacement...I was perfectly fine with just sending it in for repair, but *they* offered the new one!

I was very impressed with Best Buy on this, and the CSR was pleasant and (obviously) extremely helpful!

Now...let's hope this *new* Canon doesn't have the same issue...



# re: Best Buy Customer Service And My Camera

Some stores are like that and I make sure to keep going back to stores with service like that. A couple years ago I bought an edger/weedeater for my lawn from Lowe's and after 6 months it wasn't working. I took it in for repair since I had bought the extended warranty on it and after a short 5 minute diagnostic on it the guy said "This thing just needs to be replaced" - went to the back, got the same exact brand new model and brought it out for me. Like you I was expecting to be without my product for a few days/weeks while it was sent off and repaired, but mine was exchanged...and incidentally the new one has been working fine ever since. 4/22/2008 5:41 AM | Lou

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