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ALT.NET - Functional Programming in an OO World

Saturday, April 19, 2008 6:15 PM

Functional programming is *not* what I thought it was. It's the idea of stringing together smaller functions. Well, that makes it sound like procedural...but its not. It's this idea that you pass in methods as parameters to other methods...not the *output* of those methods passed in, but the actual method itself. When you have a language like F# you don't need to worry about delegates...you can just go straight in with passing the method themselves.

There was great discussion about computational optimization and other things...but seriously, I'm not describing this well...admittedly I still don't fully get it...but its freaking kewl.

Check out Dustin's blog here for more info...he's got some great articles up about it (look for the F# ones).




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