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ALT.NET Conference: My Mind Is Blown

Saturday, April 19, 2008 2:36 AM

We had the first few hours of the Alt.NET conference tonight, and my mind has been blown. It started off with the room filling up with people, and the ground rules of what a real open spaces event is about.

Then there was the announcement of topics...incredible, insightful, deep, thoughtful, and downright weird topics (I'm hoping 'Explaining NHibernate with Cute Comic Bears' gets in!!!).

Then there was the voting...people just deciding with topics sounded good, regardless of competing interests or timeslots.

And then we were treated to an example of a fish-bowl conversation which included the likes of Scott Hanselman, Martin Fowler, Rod Paddock, Scott Bellware, Greg Young, Jeffrey Palermo, and many others...it was fantastic.

But its late and I have an early day tomorrow...pics and more Alt.Net notes to come.



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