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Petition to Make Rod Paddock Honorary Canadian MVP

Tuesday, April 15, 2008 12:38 PM

We have had many friendly Americans who have graced our great Canadian landscape, but none have committed so much to the Canadian developer landscape than Rod Paddock. (the below picture was entirely ripped from Justice Gray's blog...click the link to see the associated post)


As you may (or may not) know, all the Canadian MVP's show off their colors at the MVP summit by wearing Canadian hockey jerseys which are the *envy* of all at the summit (Russians did their own shirts, France MVP's have berets, but none really come close). Rod Paddock *deserves* to wear one of these jerseys as an honorary Canadian MVP for his work speaking at and supporting Canadian user groups! If you feel the same way, comment on this entry and let's send a message to the Canadian MVP lead:

We want Rod to be an honorary Canadian MVP with all the benefits (read: hockey jersey) associated with it!



# re: Petition to Make Rod Paddock Honorary Canadian MVP

I couldn't agree more completely!!

Disclaimer: I had to say that since he's sitting right next to me at the MVP Summit and might pummel me into a pulp! I mean come on, look at the guns on the guy!!! 4/15/2008 3:07 PM | Jim Duffy

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