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MVP Summit Day 0

Monday, April 14, 2008 2:44 AM

What a day...a long, somewhat exhausting, but ultimately enjoyable day. It started early for me: I caught my plane out of Winnipeg at 8:00 AM, flying through Denver and landing in Seattle at 1:15 this afternoon (local time). After Donald, Tom, and Dave landed about an hour later, we headed to the hotels.


After settling in, we left to go register for the MVP summit along with the Quebec contingent of MVPs.


Dave decided to try and hit on the girl running one of the tables and at the same time get information on housing benefits.


Then it was off for dinner...we were so starved! We hit The Cheesecake Factory. This place had approx 10 - 15 pages in its menu, amazingly large portions, and incredible deserts. Donald and Dave talked me into trying some drink with liquer and mint in it. We all felt girly, except Tom who ordered a beer.


Next up: Party with Palermo!

Tom, me, Lorin, and Donald


Aaronn and Jeff


Jeff Julian and Bellware


The bar Party with Palermo was held.


John, Jeff, and Chris


Eric, why are you so sexy?!


Chillin back at the Westin


After the festivities at Party with Palermo, we headed back to the Westin lobby for some more eats and drinks. It was here that an impromptu pod cast was put together. I *think* that the guy to the right of the dude with the microphones is Rob Conery, and then you can also see Oren on the left along with Aaronn.




And that was day 0 (since technically tomorrow is day 1). I'm beat...I have work I need to finish up for tomorrow too. Off to bed, more blogging to come!



# re: MVP Summit Day 0

I'm flying in this morning - I'm at the Westin as well - I'm planning on drinking a bit ;) - you brought the ketchup chips, right? ;) 4/14/2008 7:43 AM | Jason Bock

# re: MVP Summit Day 0

Picture 1: is it just me or does Tom look like an excited 10 year old about ot go on his first roller coaster ride? 4/14/2008 10:54 AM | Justice~!

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