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Falcons vs. Vikings: My Take On The Game

Monday, September 10, 2007 3:05 AM

Oh Atlanta...there was so much promise just a few months ago, back when we thought that we'd have Michael Vick at the helm...back when we had a solid backup QB in Schaub...but that's all a fading memory...a dream, replaced with a startling nightmare. But...its not all bad news...in fact, if the team can learn from its mistakes in Minnesota, then all hope is not lost for the season.

Joey Harrington is NOT Michael Vick
But that's not necessarily a bad thing. Joey threw some nice passes, although most of them were quick outs and he never tried any deep strikes though.  He's also of the same veign as Bledsoe and  Manning...and by that I mean the dude can't/shouldn't run. Whenever he tried to pull a Vick, it ended horribly. He needs to be comfortable going through his reads, and if there's nothing deep, try to dump it off short...if there's nothing there, throw it away. He tried too hard...and you can't fault a guy for trying.

Norwood, Norwood, Norwood
The Falcons running game wasn't stunning, but that has more to do with the O-Line than the talent of the running backs. Dunn and Norwood looked solid in their efforts, and I'm glad that they now have a solid second RB to share the carries. In fact, how about we give it MORE to Norwood? Norwood has the size advantage over Dunn, and until the Falcons O-Line figures out how to keep holes open, they should use him to plow through the line.

Defense - What Defense?
The Vikings D put up 6 sacks and had two interceptions that both went back for TD's. Atlanta's D had one interception. So keep in mind that out of the 24 points that the Vikings put up, only 10 were allowed by the Falcon D. Sounds like they didn't do to bad? Wrong. What's scary is that against an anemic offense, they didn't register a sack the entire game, and the interception they did get was a tipped ball that Daunte Hall did a circus catch for. Now, switch in New England, or the Colts, and Atlanta's defense would be destroyed.

So next week we have the Jacksonville Jaguars, a team that utilizes run based attacks more than their passing game, and looked a little soft against the Titans on Sunday. Next week is a must win for the Falcons...time to fix what's broken now and not 5 or 6 games into the season.



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