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Oh Happy Star, I Come for your Wiles...

Monday, September 10, 2007 2:14 AM

Oh Hardee's, with your happy little star...how I wonder what you are...wait, I know what you are: a drug dealer to the morbidly obese, and your crack cocaine is spelt T-H-I-C-K B-U-R-G-E-R.

So my buddies, who have made this trip before to watch a Vikings game, have created a tradition: hit the Hardee's in Fargo to down a Thick Burger (combo #8). A thick burger is a 2/3 lb double patty burger with bacon, cheese, and mayo.

I, being the health-conscious man that I am, realized that this burger (although having a whole wheat bun and Canadian bacon would have really helped) isn't all that bad really...as long as you 86' the mayo and add some lettuce and tomato to it. My buddy had to scrape off a teaspoon of mayo to down the last few bites. Ugh.

Now, we don't have Hardee's in Canada (at least in Manitoba anyway), so one thing I noticed was that they give you an option with your combo: small - medium - large. A note to Hardee's: This drink...

 is NOT a "Small"! My buddies had ordered medium drinks in other restaurants as well, and were treated with this HUGE cup. I think I know why there's a big obesity epidemic in North America: IMPROPER PORTIONS!

But that's my soapbox rant...back to the Hardee's...if you're ever going through Fargo, make a stop at the happy little star. Just remember that behind that smile is a devious little mind that wants to get you hooked on his flame broiled wares.

Move over KFC buffet...there's a new reason to cross the border.



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