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Minneapolis Road Trip: Best Signs Ever

Monday, September 10, 2007 12:40 AM
On any given road trip you always see some pictures that just make you laugh. On this one, we saw more than a couple. Here's a sample of names that we hope were selected because of the chuckle-invoking inuendo.

Granny is just AMAZED at how HUGE it is...the Craft Direct thing I mean...right?

Yes...this gas station in Minneapolis really is called the Pump n' Munch

There's no inuendo here, and I'm sure many in the US are wondering why this pic is included...but to us in Canada (we don't have the same gun carrying laws up here) this was a humerous sign. We saw a couple other ones in the mall too.


Honorable mentions also go to the gas station Kum and Go (which we didn't get a billboard sign of or a t-shirt on this trip) and to the billboard from an elk farm advertising full and half carcasses available...which isn't really inuendo, but just creepy-ish.


# re: Minneapolis Road Trip: Best Signs Ever

At agile 2006, I took pics of every gun sign I passed. They're all over the place. I laughed at every one :P 9/25/2007 2:26 AM | Wendy

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