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Why Justice Gray is NOT the Canadian Rory Blyth

Tuesday, March 27, 2007 1:47 PM

Jason posted here about Justice Gray being the next Rory Blyth.

He's wrong...Justice COULD have been...if it weren't for one thing: his hair.

Justice, who fancies himself as a metro-sexual developer recently went with a new hairstyle. We need to compare Rory and Justice against the ultimate hair test: the Clay Aiken test.


Rory is still sporting the hair-pointing-up look, to ensure that he's not confused with the American Idol winner.

But Justice...oh Justice...what went wrong?! Where is the stylistic quaf that we're used to seeing? Did it take you forever to get the bangs just right, similar to how Clay is displaying his?!

Oh Justice...please...PLEASE, for the sake of metro-sexual devellopers everywhere, please bring back the stylish Justice Gray hairdo that we're used to seeing! Then, maybe then, could we really have a debate about whether Justice is really the Canadian Rory...or maybe that Rory is the Yank Justice?

And now a gratuitous photoshop of Donald Belcham and Steve Rockarts.


# re: Why Justice Gray is NOT the Canadian Rory Blyth

I say this not because Justice is my Hubbs, but because I have eyes and have seen him in person: his hair does NOT look at all like Clay Aiken's. In fact, it is still quite short, esp. on the sides and back, and when he decides to make it pointy, it can still go pointy (although at this point, it would be a rather *high* pointy) on the top.

Why the hair envy, Darcy? I know you wish you had J's hair, but this is getting ridiculous...

Oh, and Rory has *nothing* on Justice Gray! 3/27/2007 3:11 PM | Mrs. Loquacious

# re: Why Justice Gray is NOT the Canadian Rory Blyth

Great, my most popular posting is one that I've re-posted and it's about Justice ... 3/28/2007 11:35 AM | Jason Row

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